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We have built our staff to train our players from youth to pro with energy, integrity, and purpose.  We have trainers who have worked with NBA All-Stars to an MVP, a 1,000 point scorer and 40% career 3-pt specialist at the D-I level, and over 15 years of experience working with youth basketball.  We want to use our experiences to provide the best training for your child.

Our Purpose


We want to help youth players learn the fundamentals to build a foundation designed to experience success.  We want to educate the high school players with the giant decision into the collegiate world, the collegiate athlete who wants to pursue a career in basketball, or the professional looking for opportunities with life after basketball.  With this mission we feel we can help create an environment to leave the youth game better than we found it. 

Our Resume


Our resume of players is a reflection of our experience and how we continue to grow.  For us this will continue to be a reflection of how we train our youth basketball players.  We want you to know that no matter your child's skill level we will treat them like a pro and one day they too will join our staff or we will be preparing for pre-draft!


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